The ORANGE camp was designed for intermediate-level skydivers with more canopy control skills. At higher wing loading, flatter mountain inclination, and fewer escape routes, the pilot will have to maintain active piloting control during almost the entire flight.
During the camp, you will be trained in all aspects of mountain swooping. All our camps work with a maximum of 8 (eight) participants per camp. Mountain Swooping also works with a guide participant ratio of 1:4 (1 guide per 4 participants), to ensure safety and more personalized attention to the pilot's flying skills and overall safety. The landing areas are also smaller and narrower compared to our blue lines.

Orange Camp

  • Our camps follow the following schedule:



    13:00 Meeting at the drop zone

    13:15 Classroom for document verification

    14:00 Start of ground school

    17:00 End of ground school

    17:30 Orientation jump (weather permitting)


    07:30  Morning briefing and equipment check

    08:30 Take off for the 1st mountain swoop

    10:00 Take off for the 2nd mountain swoop

    12:30 -13:30 lunch break

    16:00 Take off for the last mountain swoop of the camp

    *This schedule is subject to optimal weather conditions.