Is mountain swooping safe?

Although we try our best to minimize the risks by giving you all the necesary tools you need to fly the mountains, there are risks that go beyong our control such as weather conditions, equipment malfunction, person's ability to follow instructions, etc.

Do I need some sort of insurance?

Third party lability and medical insurance is mandatory to participate in our camps. Most skydiving federations offer insurance to its members.

Do I need protection clothing?

Hard helmet, closed shoes are madatory in all our camps. We highly reccomend to wear a jumpsuit and some extra protection is always welcome as long as it doesnt limit your movility and ability to perform maneuvres.

How close do I fly to the mountains

Our guides will make sure to show you the way and the desire separation from fixed objects as well as to other jumpers. Mountain swooping lines all have a scape route in case your unconfortable and decide to fly to the landing area.

Would I experince turbulence?

Can I do barrel rolls?

Barrel rolls are only allowed during the mountain swooping "Red"camps, only on some sections of the mountain and under you own risk.

Can my canopy collpase?

None of our guides have experienced any partial or total collapse, on wing loads from 1:2 to 3:0. However we are exposed to weather conditions and equipment malfunction at any time.

Payments & Refunds

What happens if the weather conditions are unfavorable for flying?

We will monitor the weather conditions closely, not only to find the best dates to host our camps, but alos to insure we only take you up with the best meteorological report avaialable. Unfortunetly if the weather cositions don't improve while on site, unfortuntely we will have to cancell the camp. For refund and rescheduling please refert to our terms and conditions policy,

Can I cancell my attendance after payment was made?

For all cancelations and refunds, please read our terms and conditions policy before booking

General questions

Can you organise private camps?

Yes, we can organise private camps on any dates reqested during the Dropzone's operation schedule.

Can I start with the RED camp before participating in the BLUE & ORAGE

No, our goal is for the jumper to learn how to fly easy lines firts regardless of the jumper's experience, once youve familiarized with the techniques needed and youve proven that you have what it takes to fly more challenging lines safely,

Can I fly a 7 cell canopy during the camps?

We encourage you to use a 9 cell canopy for better range and perfromance.

How many people is needed to host a camp?

To host a mountain swooping camp is required a minimun of 8 participants.

What aircraft is normally used for the camps?

We normally use a Pilatus Porter PC-6 with capacity for 8 participants and two guides.

Can I do fun jumps in between mountain swooping jumps?

No, as we run a tight schedule and we need your full concentration, we prefer that you stay focused in the mountain swooping experince and save your energy.

How high do we jump?

All our jumps are performed at 4.000 m AGL, so theres is plenty of time to get ready but also to enjoy the amazing scenery.