Mountain Swooping Blue Lines




The BLUE camp was created as an introductory or entry-level camp, to teach "B" license skydivers to enjoy safely the exhilarating experience of mountain swooping. During your camp you will be trained in all aspects of mountain swooping. All our camps work with a maximum of 8 (eight) participants per camp. Mountain Swooping also works with a guide participant ratio of 1:4 (1 guide per 4 participants), to ensure safety and more personalized attention to the pilot's flying skills and overall safety. Our blue lines allow you to discover the mountains while always keeping a safe distance from fixed objects always having a way out at any time of the flight.
Our landing areas meet the USPA "B"License requirements 



"B" License holder

Canopy control course

Minimum 200 jumps

Wing load 1:2 to 1:4

9 cell canopy (preferable)

What is Included

What Is Included

4 jump tickets

Ground school

Ground crew

Mountain guides  

Landing area fees

Shuttle from landing areas to the DZ 



Formation flying

Air communication

Entry points

Flight inputs


Landing areas

1.5 Day camp

€ 489

VAT Included



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Ground School

The ground school has a duration of 4 hours. We will cover all the necessary information needed, so you can have more tools in your toolbox while flying the mountains.


You will receive training in how to build a formation to enter the mountains, the air communications, how to approach and enter the lines, the type of flying, and canopy inputs needed to fly our blue lines.

We will brief each line and landing area individually so you can get familiar with them and ask any questions you may have.  


Maybe not as fun as the rest but still needed, we will discuss the best course of action in the event of canopy malfunction, hazardous objects during the flight, during landing and will also talk about the overall safety procedures.

The Lines

Blue lines are very safe to fly if you follow the instructions and recommendations given to you during the ground school.


  There are always escape routes during the flight and the mountain elevation profile is more than 45º, which allows you to maintain a safe distance from the mountains or any fixed object during the flight while having visual contact with the terrain the mountain guide and with the jumpers ahead of you. 

As a "B" license holder you have to had performed at least 10 accuracy jumps landing within 10 meters (approx. 33 feet) of a target.

The smallest landing area for the blue lines is 100 meters in length by 80 meters in width,  which we believe is plenty of space for you to land safely.


Our camps follow the following schedule:



13:00 Meeting at the drop zone

13:15 Classroom for document verification

14:00 Start of ground school

18:00 End of ground school

18:30 Orientation jump (weather permitting)


07:30  Morning briefing and equipment check

08:30 Take off for the 1st mountain swoop

10:00 Take off for 2nd mountain swoop

12:30 -13:30 lunch break

16:00 Take off for the last mountain swoop of the camp

*This schedule is subject to optimal weather conditions.